CB AERO FIN air cleaners are ready to GO!

                                                159.00 each

                          Mix or match bullet nose or square its up to you

                          Fits GM 2 jets  Holly 94's Stromberg 97's

                          Cast aluminum bodys with whatever finish you want

                          Cast    brushed   polished  pantina

                          Stainless perforated outer strip

                          Super fine stainless inner screen 

                          Heavy duty polished draw bar on top with lightening holes


                         here is a pile of contact info to contact me

                         here on the INFO page

                         direct e mail kbrown6700@yahoo.com

                         shop phone number 616 295 4857

                         dont be scared to call it's just like the good ol days!

                         Thanks everyone

                          Kirk Brown

                         Crafty B